The Green Swing - Development. 84 Rutland Ave, Lathlain, Perth. 22nd February 2016. Photo: Daniel Carson | dcimagesThe use of scheme water in Perth is energy intense because of our increasing reliance on desalination plans. For that reason we need to ensure we use a water source that is fit for purpose and reduce or reliance on scheme water where possible.

For The Siding we have adopted the following water saving measures:

Bore – garden irrigation is from a bore owned and managed by the strata body (the owners of the complex). The use of bore water means that little to no scheme water is used to irrigate the garden.


  • Whole of house rainwater for both townhousesWhat this means – rainwater is used around the whole house when available. This includes all taps, toilets and showers/baths. This helps reduce the reliance on scheme water. How it works – Both townhouses collect rainwater of their roofs into a rainwater tank. When there is rainwater in the tank, this water will be used first. If the tank is empty, supply will automatically switch back to scheme water. The occupants of the home do not notice this changeover apart from an increase in chlorine in scheme water which you can smell.
  • Non potable use for all apartmentsWhat this means – rainwater will be used for non-potable uses: toilet flushing and washing machine. Rainwater is collected of the roof, into a shared rainwater tank (one per 2-3 apartments) and plumbed back into each of the apartments. For Genesis, approval for this simple water saving measure had been a painful and very difficult process due to strict guidelines by the Department of Health that deem this solution as ‘high risk’. We were very keen to demonstrate it was not a one-off and that readily available solutions such as this should be encouraged and adopted widely. Click here to read more.

Water saving devices – all taps and toilets have been carefully selected based on their water rating (6 star WELS).

Landscaping – The gardens are a combination of low water use native vegetation and productive gardens.