Buying the land… @ auction

Alana with auctioneer, April 2013

The Siding is located at 84 Rutland Avenue in Lathlain. As the name suggests it is located very close to the Victoria Park train station providing easy access to and from the city. Also other transport options, such as the Victoria Park transfer station, are located nearby.

The homes are also within walking or cycling distance to shops, the Albany Highway cafés and restaurants and other community facilities meaning that most errands can easily be completed on foot or by bicycle. You may find you don’t need your car much saving on petrol and other costs.

The Siding is also within a stones throw of the owner’s first award winning development making living close to like minded people and being part of the swing towards a sustainable community a real possibility.

The land used to be a reserve owned by the local council. We cycled past one day and noticed a sign advertising that the land would be auctioned in April 2013. We simply did not want anyone else to develop this iconic site in the probably stock standard manner. It ticked all the boxes to repeat our successful project on 96 Rutland Avenue and make a difference. It were nerve wrecking moments, but we had the final and successful bid at the auction.

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