Home in WA

The team from Home in WA was recently on site to film two episodes which were telecast on Saturday afternoon 26 September on Channel Seven Perth and GWN7. The topic was waste management. Click here to view episode 1 and episode 2

Waste Management is one of our focus areas for The Siding. The amount of waste in the construction industry is mind boggling and we try to do things a little bit different and better. We are working closely with the builder to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. It is challenging. Nevertheless we have managed to recycle most of the wood, metal, soft plastics and even the plastic strapping. There is still a lot that goes into the skip bin, but this bin goes to Instant Waste Management who recycle around 80% by weight (they are also featured in the Home in WA program).

To learn more about our approach to waste, click here.

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