Plans / Designs

In December 2010 the elected Councillors of the Town of Victoria Park approved our proposal (see planning approval). Copies of the approved plans are below.


High density development, doesn’t mean there is no space for gardens in the city. The design of the development at 96 Rutland Avenue has resulted in 60% of open space, most of which will be high quality green space.

The concept landscaping plans were prepared by Josh Byrne & Associates. A copy of the landscaping plan is below. It also includes the sump community garden.

Landscape proposal

As you can see from the plans, there will be productive gardens at the back of the homes. The front of the property will mostly consist of native, waterwise vegetation. The verge will also be re-vegetated; this is quite a large area of approximately 4 by 20 meters.

Our development is located next to a drainage site or sump. This site offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute the the greening of our urban environment, to create a space for community to enjoy.

The landscaping plan is based on three zones:

  • Zone 1 – Intensive picking gardens including herbs and leafy greens, dwarf and trellised fruit trees and vines;
  • Zone 2 – Vegetable beds, pruned fruit trees and understory crops, compost bays and worm farm, common lawn, shed and propagation area;
  • Zone 3 – Low maintenance fruit trees and understorey crops, native habitat plantings.

The first sketches…

sketch3It all started when we purchased the block in January 2010. A number of ideas, thoughts and sketches were thrown around.

Griff Morris from Solar Dwellings did a great job producing some sketches and, looking back at it now, the basic lay-out of this first design has not changed much at all. We fiddled with it around the edges to get the detail right, but that was pretty much it.