Composting workshop @ The Siding


As part of ‘Composting in May, The Siding hosted a workshop on composting and worm farming on Sunday 29 May. The workshop was attended by 25 people and a great success. Facilitator was Peg Davies who made us learn, and laugh.

She taught us about ADAM. ADAM stands for Alive, Diverse, Air and Moisture, four important things to remember when wanting to compost successfully. After the morning tea break we talked about worms. Who wouldn’t cry if their worms ‘melted’ on a 40 degree day! But, Peg told us, don’t through your worm castings away if this happens, with time and care, your worm farm will come alive again as there are still bits that are alive and just waiting for the right conditions. Every time I go to one of Peg’s workshops I learn something new. The great thing about this one was the connections we made in our own local community so that we know who we can ask for assistance.

If you want to learn more about composing, worm farms or anything else waste related, find out it there is an Earth Carers course near you. Peg is working for Mindarie Regional Council who The Town of Victoria Park are a member of; they run regular Earth Carers courses. We also highly recommend following Peg’s Facebook Page ‘The Last Tip‘.

Composting in May Grants are an initiative of the WA Waste Authority. The Vic Park Transition Network successfully applied for funding and The Siding hosted the event. A big thank you to all those involved making this event happen.