The project is a mini cohousing community consisting of 4 small 2-storey townhouses plus shared amenities.

The plans were drawn up by Right Homes with input from architect Matt Wallwork from Ecotecture.

Site lay-out

Below is a sketch of the aerial view of the plans for 5 Montgomery Street by Matt from Ecotecture.

The image shows two 2-storey homes, Unit A & D, at the front of the block, with two parking bays in front of Unit A. At the rear are Unit B & C. The common house is also at the rear, attached to Unit C. Parking for the Units B & C is at the rear, accessible from the laneway. Bike parking is between the common house and Unit B.

The lay-out provides for spacious open and green space between the homes for both native and productive gardens, spaces which provide solitude and encourage neighbours to get together.

Click here to download a copy of the Site Plan

The common house

True to the cohousing principles, the complex includes a small common house. The common house is a space where residents can come together for a cuppa, meals and gatherings. It also includes a shared laundry and guest accommodation.

Download plans for the Common House

Home plans

The size of each of the townhouses is 120sqm. Each home has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. The design accommodates for flexible use of spaces to suit the needs of different households.

Links to copies of the plans have been provided below.

Sketch of front elevation