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Banksia Award 2012

Banksia Awards - October 2012

The Green Swing is an initiative of two couples aimed at promoting sustainability in urban living. The project is a small scale, multi dwelling, inner city development close to Perth's CBD consisting of two town houses and two apartments. It's energy and lifecycle assessment results are impressive including a 10-star energy rating for one of the two-storey townhouses. The owners fought hard for permission for both apartments to share a rainwater tank and use the water for toilet and washing machine. Being allowed to disburse grey water on commonly owned land is also a first. Its design resulted in more than 60% of the 839sqm block being high quality open space and encourages community feel encouraging walking and cycling and providing some shared facilities. In addition, The Green Swing has received permission to revegetate the sump next door and create a community garden.

Owner Builder Magazine Apr-May 2012

Owner Builder Magazine - April/May 2012

Article on The Green Swing in Owner Builder Magazine: "Eco town houses in the CBD; Two couples work their way through the red tep to build a sustainable small-scale development in the inner city of Perth"



The West Australian HIA 2012

The West Australian - 31 March/1 April 2012

The new homes section of The West Australian 31 March/1 April featured some of the submissions for the 2012 Housing Industry Awards (HIA). Solar Dwellings and Right Homes, our designer and builder, together entered our project for the partnership award. This is the article that was published.

Southern Gazette 10 January 2012

Southern Gazette Community Newspaper - January 10, 2012

We made the front page of the community newspaper! A celebration of the start of construction, the concrete slabs were pored only a few weeks prior.



eTool Case study - 15 November 2011

eTool has published a case study on their website showing the results of the eTool life cycle assessment (LCA). The case study profiles the best performing of what they call 'three excellent buildings in their development' - the strawbale house (Unit 2)



TEDx Whadjuk (Perth) - 26 March 2011

What an honour to be asked to present at the TEDx Whadjuk (Perth) event. The video of the presentation provides a good overview of the project.

To view this file on this page, you need Quicktime player. If you don't have it installed on your computer it should automatically download and install it.

To download this presentation, right click on this link and save as a file with extension ".mp4".



Southern Gazette

Southern Gazette - 14-12-2010

In Between The Lines

In Between The Lines - July 2010

Western Power's (internal) quarterly magazine "In Between The Lines" (2nd quarter 2010) had a story on The Green Swing (Helmuth Stockmann is a Western Power employee). Sustainability has become more import for Western Power in past years and there is a genuine drive to make it an integral part of the way it is doing its business. In Between The Lines quite regularly features articles on sustainability.