96 Rutland Avenue, Lathlain

When we started looking for land we had the following criteria: within 5 km of the city center, close to shops and public transport, high density and big enough for 3-4 dwellings, and of course affordable.

The orientation of the block was also important to be able to design and build passive solar dwellings.

On the 14th of January 2010 we became the proud owners of a vacant block of land on 96 Rutland Avenue in Lathlain. Its location is along the railway line, walking distance (about 450 meters) from Victoria Park train station. The size is 837 square meters. The residential zoning is R40/60. This means we can build at least 3 dwellings.

One of the interesting features of this particular block is that the neighbouring property is a drain site or sump owned by the local council. It was a bonus – we saw it as a great opportunity to contribute to greening our urban environment.

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