Green Swing - 96 Rutland Ave, Lathlain-12The Green Swing’s first development, Genesis at 96 Rutland Avenue (Lathlain), was unique and ground breaking.

The development consists of a combination of two apartments and two town houses and used different construction materials for each building, including double brick with cavity insulation, reverse brick veneer and straw bale.

Its custom design restricted car access to the periphery, providing quality open and green spaces between the dwellings and at the rear.

Passive solar design resulted in 8-10 star energy ratings; the 10-star 2-story townhouse is thought to be a first. Solar PV, hot water and the like were a given for the developers. Implementing water saving measures were challenging; an exemption was granted for the use of rainwater and grey water dispersal in a strata development.

Life Cycle Design analysis was conducted for each building with results ranging from carbon neutral for one of the townhouses, to a 56% saving for the two apartments.

The team also set an example by revegetating the neighbouring sump, and convert it into a community garden, beautifying and creating green space in our urban areas. The sump garden is maintained by the neighbours with support from the Local Community Garden Association.


  • 8-10 star energy rating
  • Quality double glazing throughout
  • Solar HWS
  • All electric (no gas connection)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Rainwater plumbed to whole of house (townhouses) OR toilet & washing machine (apartments)
  • Low VOC paints
  • 6-star tap ware
  • Extensive use of recycled materials
  • Shared outdoor kitchen/bbq area, gardens and bike store
  • Life Cycle Design results: from 56% saving carbon emissions for apartments to carbon neutral for straw bale townhouse
  • Strata titled, self managed


  • 96 Rutland Avenue, Lathlain
  • Block size 837sqm
  • Zoning R40/60
  • About 5km from Perth CBD
  • 400m from trainstation
  • Close to shops & facilities
  • 2 townhouses, 2 apartments
  • Land purchased January 2010
  • Planning approval December 2010
  • Building approval October 2011
  • Construction completion December 2012
  • Strata titles released July 2013