Green Swing - 96 Rutland Ave, Lathlain-12The project on 96 Rutland Avenue was our first project and consists of two town houses and two apartments on a 837 m2 block in Lathlain, Town of Victoria Park, within walking distance to the train station and shops. The goal was to create affordable medium density housing in an inner city area with a primary focus on sustainability. The project took 3 years and 6 months to complete: 2 years for the approvals, 1 year for the building and 6 months for occupancy certificates and landscaping. All dwellings are designed to make the most of the sun’s energy in the winter and to use shading, proper ventilation and thermal mass to dispense with air-conditioning in the summer. The design has resulted in very high energy ratings, including a 10 star!

Building douGreen Swing - 96 Rutland Ave, Lathlain-7ble storey and utilising the roof space maximises living areas on a small footprint (between 60 and 75 sqm).

Small building footprints and keeping vehicles to the front of the property creates 60% open space on the block. Much of this space will be shared waterwise and productive gardens and there will also be a common kitchen/entertainment area.

This project showcases different construction methods: reverse brick veneer in one of the town houses; strawbale in the second townhouse; and double brick for the two apartments. The whole development is carbon negative (produces more energy than it consumes) and has shared rainwater and greywater systems.

The Green Swing obtained Planning Approval from the Town of Victoria Park in December 2010. Documentation for Building Licence was submitted in August 2011 and the approval came through on the 6th of October 2011.

IMG_0634The project in short

  • 96 Rutland Avenue, Lathlain
  • Block size 837sqm
  • Zoning R40/60
  • About 5km from CBD
  • 400m from trainstation
  • Close to shops & facilities
  • 2 townhouses, 2 apartments
  • Purchase land January 2010
  • Planning approval December 2010
  • Building approval October 2011
  • Completion December 2012
  • Titles released July 2013

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