Fremantle Alternative

big thinking about small housing

The property falls within what is also referred to as the ‘Freo Alternative – Big Thinking about Small Housing’, formally known as Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 63.  The amendment was signed off by the Minister for Planning and Transport in February 2019.

The changes to the City’s planning scheme aim to facilitate a wider choice of housing in Fremantle’s suburban areas, whilst still maintaining what people value about their neighbourhoods. 

The map below provides an overview of the areas included as part of this scheme amendment.

All developments seeking approval under the new Freo Alternative provisions will need to satisfy the requirements of the policy, which includes requirements for sustainability, open space, rear setbacks, vehicle access and car parking among other criteria.

The provisions include:

  • Only applies to lots larger than 600 square metres and located within Special Control Area 5.7.
  • New dwelling(s) shall have a maximum floor area of 120 square metres.
  • Maximum of three dwellings on lots of 750 square metres or less.
  • Minimum of 30 square metres of outdoor living area per dwelling.
  • Developments to have higher than standard energy efficiency ratings.
  • Minimum 70 per cent of the entire development site to be open space, with some variation allowed to 60 per cent open space.
  • At least one mature tree to be retained or planted on site.
  • A maximum of one parking bay per dwelling.
  • All developments to be referred to the City’s Design Advisory Committee to consider design quality.

For more information about The Freo Alternative, visit the City of Fremantle website.