Life at The Siding

The Green Swing - Development. 84 Rutland Ave, Lathlain, Perth. 22nd February 2016. Photo: Daniel Carson | dcimages

We’re really enjoying our new life at The Siding.  We particularly like being able to grow our own food in the shared productive garden and like all the birds that visit due to the native vegetation.  The location is ideal for us, being so close to Vic Park Train Station and the interesting activity along Albany Highway.

I have a much shorter commute now, and enjoy using that extra time for what I want to do rather than a long bus ride.  We look forward to receiving our electricity bill these days, as it’s so much lower than our old house and we like to see how little we can use!

The thing I like most however is the sense of community. Within The Siding our neighbours are great, with common interests and we have had a number of social gatherings in the shared outdoor space around the BBQ.  We have also had a couple of sustainability workshops here which have gone really well. I’ve also been really pleased about living in Lathlain itself.  The people are very nice and there are some good local parks and cafes.  I like that we’re close to the Albany Highway strip and close to the City but that we can return to the peacefulness of the local neighbourhood.

It’s hard to only pick out a few things to talk about at The Siding as there are so many benefits. We’re really pleased we made the decision to move here and look forward to seeing how the community develops in the coming years.

(By Glen, Unit 3)